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Hurricane Relief

Tropical will be extending our collection days until Sept. 27th. We will be sorting them at our school and then from there they will be delivered to S. Plantation high school and then shipped out by air or sea to the families in need. This effort is coordinated with Broward Schools and the Bahamian Consul.


It would be very helpful if the following grades can collect these items:


Pre K and Kindergarten – baby wipes & diapers.

1st grade – canned baby formula, baby food.

2nd grade – canned fruit, dried fruit in bags, fruit snacks.

3rd grade – canned vegetables, soups, stews, chili.

4th grade – dried beans, peas, rice, please no cardboard containers.

5th grade – first aid items, bandaids, Clorox wipes, trash bags.

STAFF – Hygiene items such as, deodorant, feminine pads, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, bar or liquid, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash.

If you prefer to make a monetary donation please see our link to Bahamas fund.

Please use link below for those who prefer to make a monetary donation.

Dorian Monetary Link