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BCPS “Learning Never Closes” Chess Opportunities

Current Schedule

Tuesday, April 7, 11:30 AM: Introduction to various Chess4Life resources and a short lesson:


Wednesday, April 8, 11:30 AM: Knight-level lesson (for those that know how the pieces move and want to improve on chess tactics):

Thursday, April 9, 11:30 AM: Pawn-level lesson (for those learning how the pieces move and essential starting strategies):

Tech guide for participants: Chess4Life will be using Zoom to deliver these online classes. This platform is free, easy to use, and engaging. For chess practice anytime, we encourage you to go to the Chess4Life app within your Clever Launchpad.

· CHESS COMPETITION: Mark your calendars for the first ever ONLINE BCPS Chess Tournament on Friday, April 24th! Details will be forthcoming, but all grades (K-12) are welcome to participate!