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Important Performing Arts and Specials Information

Dear Students and Parents,
The Performing Arts/Specials Team is looking forward to working with all of you through Canvas.  When you go to Canvas through Clever you will see that some of the Performing Arts are already there and ready to go.  Art, Band, Chorus, Dance, and Drama will automatically show up for you.  
You will need to click the links below to sign up for PE, Mindfulness, and Media.  Once you click the link you will click the blue Enroll button.  Then click the blue Go To The Course button.  You will do this three times, one for PE, one for Mindfulness, and one for Media.  If you have already enrolled in the Media course you will only see the Go To The Course button. Once enrolled you will see these courses along with the other Performing Arts/Specials on your Dashboard.  
We have lots of fun and engaging activities planned for you so come back weekly for new lessons.  Our office hours will be from 8:30 to 11:30 am.  Please email your Special teacher or  if you need help.