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Turn in a ONE PAGE “Submission Sheet” instead of an entire packet!

Complete all the questions and print the confirmation page. Sign the printed page and turn it in to the school.


 If you need access to a computer or printer, come to the Main Office

Step 1: Enter your information and a student’s information. (You will have a chance to enter more students later.)

Step 2: Go to your email. Find the confirmation email from “” and click the link.

Step 3: Read the information and answer all other questions. Digitally “sign” by typing

Step 4: Review and print any forms you would like for your records.

Step 5: Print the final “Submission Forms to Print” for each student.

Step 6: Sign the printed form.

Step 7: Turn in the form to your child’s teacher.

Completed Form

Please click on the link below to access it.

Back to School Forms Online Wizard