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Dillard High honors MSD 17 plus one

A Day of Service and Love activities beginning with  Our Heart Goes out to... Commemoration Breakfast and Program this morning, in honor of of our First Responders and 1 (Dillard High School) +17 students and staff (MSD) who lost their lives to gun violence, in a school shooting. The breakfast was sponsored by SGA, Ms. Telfair Sponsor; and Administration.
A Day of Service and Love continued during all three lunches with a wall of My Heart Goes out to...sponsored by SGA.  Students and staff had an opportunity to write a message or a name on a heart and place it on the Peace Wall located on the north patio.  The Peace Wall has been relocated to Building 1.
During the breakfast we recognized our First Responders, including our SROs, current (Officer Jackson and Officer Pekrol) and former (Officer Jackson); Local Police, Security Specialist, Ken Scott; Head Facilities Person, Antonio Walker; School Clinic Health Provider, Nurse Terri; Camera Director, Cynthia Love; all Administrators, Guidance Counselors, and our School Board Member, District 5, Dr. Rosalind Osgood.