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8th Grade JA Finance Field Trip

JA Finance Park Program

JA Volunteer Form


Dear 8th grade parents,


The JA finance Field trip experience is just around the corner. By now you have likely received the required paperwork for your child's participation. At this time, we are  looking for volunteers to help us during the different days of this activity. Your support helps tremendously to the success of this enriching experience for our students. Please consider participating in our JA Finance Field Trip program. Below you will find  information necessary to sign up.


The dates for the JA Finance program field trips are October 29th to November 2nd. We need  Parents and or a family member volunteers for each date listed above (volunteers must be 18 or older)  This activity is off campus, it takes place at Broward North College location, from 9:30am to 3:00pm. You must be available to stay a full day, provide your own transportation, and bring your own lunch. You may volunteer for one or more days. Thank you for volunteering and helping to make this a more positive experience for the 8th grade students.

The students attending each JA field trip date are sorted by lead 8th grade social studies teacher as follows:


Mrs. Angelo and Mr. Gillman 6th Period Only   Monday, Oct. 29th


Mr. Gillman and Mrs. Peoples   A Block only    Tuesday Oct. 30th

Mr. Gillman and Mrs. Peoples   B Block only    Wednesday Oct. 31st


Mr. Bryant and Mr. Hunt           A Block Only      Thursday, Nov. 1st


Mr.  Bryant and Mr. Hunt          B Block Only       Friday, Nov. 2nd.


Please select the date or dates that best fit your schedule. Simply click the following link to sign up.


Please feel free to share with any other interested parents or family members that may be interested in volunteering for this event.


If you have not done so already, please make sure to go to the security clearance website since all volunteers must  be registered and given security clearance from Broward County Schools at  .


Thank you for volunteering and supporting this amazing program and our 8th graders.