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Mid-Term Exemption Form


Greetings Parents/Guardians: 

Students taking high school courses will still be taking midterms in December 12-18th.  

A few points to note: 

  • Any signature required will be allowed to be typed in the form
  • To access the exemption form, click here: Mid-Term Exemption Form
  • High School Exam Dates: 12/15-12/18.  

Please let your child know the deadline to turn-in their exemption form in Friday, December 4th. I will not accept forms after this date.  


See below with the midterms exemption requirements.  

  • Students can exempt up to half of the total number of high school courses​. For example, if you child is currently taking one high school course, he or she is not eligible to exempt this mid-term. However, if your child is taking more than one high school course, he or she can exempt half of their courses.  
  • In order to exempt, students must have an A, B, B+ in BOTH quarters.​ 
  • FLVS/BVS Courses cannot be exempted​ 
  • IF it is an FLVS or BVS course that is a part of the student’s day (sitting in the library taking Geometry Honors), then it could count in the total number of high school courses taken 


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Forbes at 


Have a great day!