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Out of Field Notice

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


Our professional teachers are continuously upgrading their teaching skills and developing increased levels of content expertise. We are recognizing teachers at Forest Glen Middle School who are expanding their expertise beyond their current certification by pursuing college coursework and/or training sessions to become certified or endorsed in other subject areas.


Many teachers will successfully complete the required training within 12 months. Others are working on ESOL or Gifted endorsement and will complete that training within the State and Federal guidelines. We are so proud to have such dedicated and hardworking teachers here at Forest Glen.



These teachers are:                 Pursuing additional Certification/Endorsement in:

Laura Ferch                               Gifted Endorsement

Pilar Ferdinando                         Gifted Endorsement

Jessica Godard                           ESOL Category 1

Katherine Gomez                       Gifted Endorsement

Julie Kirsch                                Gifted Endorsement

Stephanie Logan                        Gifted Endorsement/ESOLCategory 1          

Nicole McGregor                         Gifted Endorsement              

Natalie Trenard                          Science Middle Grades/ ESOL Category 2                       

Emily Waxmunski                      Gifted/ESOLCategory 1