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Interim Reports

Accessing Interim Reports


Log in with your child's 10-digit FSI # (0600000000)

The password is your child's date of birth: MM/DD/YYYY


Once logged in there will be a link on the main page that says, "Student Interim Report" or "Marking Period Grades." Click on the link to view your child's grades. You can view their information by selecting "Student Interim Report" and/or "Marking Period Grades" underneath the Student Info. Menu tab.


2021-2022 Reports are available on the following dates:

1st Quarter Interim Reports - Sept. 20, 2021

1st Quarter Report Cards - Nov. 12, 2021

2nd Quarter Interim Reports - Nov. 20, 2021

2nd Quarter Report Cards - Feb. 3, 2022

3rd Quarter Interim Reports - Feb. 11, 2022

3rd Quarter Report Cards - Apr. 18, 2022

4th Quarter Interim Reports - May 3, 2022

4th Quarter Report Cards - Jun. 30, 2022