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2023-2024 Opening Letter

2023-2024 This Is Us!

FGMS 2024 Opening Details


We are unique, we are learners, we are Wildcats….#This Is Us!

We are committed to supporting your child’s individual needs as we enter this new school year.  Wildcats are a family, and we are dedicated to helping each Wildcat reach their maximum potential. 


       2024 Theme: This Is Us!

       Vision:  Cultivating and inspiring lifelong learners whose love for applying their knowledge will bring them success in today and tomorrow’s world.

       Mission: To create and maintain a safe learning community of students and adults who embrace new opportunities to learn and grow together through engaging experiences while demonstrating respect, responsibility, and accountability to themselves and each other.

       School-wide Priorities:  

       Safe and secure learning environment-from the inside out

       Personalized High-Quality Instruction- planned, delivered, and monitored for every student-every day

       Building connections through relationships and experiences

Opening Dates at a Glance-

       Get to Know Us 6th Grade!: Welcome Wildcats-Grade 6 Students and Parents

      6th Grade Orientation: August 9th: 1 P.M- 3P.M. RSVP through our website.

       Get to Know Us Parents!:

      Virtual Orientation-All parents for all Grades- August 16th @ 6 P.M.

      Virtual Middle School Orientation for Parents via MS Teams

(link to be posted on main page of website)

       Get to Know Us Wildcats! 2023 Open House:

      6th Grade- Friday, August 18th 10:00-12:00 P.M.

      7th & 8th Grade- Friday, August 18th 1-3 P.M.

       First Day of School – Monday, August 21st - 9:15 A.M.-3:50 P.M.

       Coffee & Quarter 1 Interims Drive-By- Tuesday, October 3rd  (drive-by our car loop)

       Paws with Mrs. G – Middle School Q&A- Friday, September 8th  (8:45 A.M. Media Center)

       SAC/SAF- Thursday, September 21 (9:30am Media Center)

       PTSA Meeting- TBA Join PTO today!-


Questions Before Day 1- Please read this entire document as many of your questions before Day 1 will be answered here.  However, if you have a unique concern or question that is not covered, email us!



Contact Us!

Directory for teacher emails:




Ms. Clock, 6th Grade Administrator

Ms. Tiffany Barnett, 7th Grade Administrator

Mr. William Segarra, 8th Grade Administrator

School Counselors:

Ms. Christina Sanders, 6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Lakia Brandon, 7th Grade Counselor/Guidance Director

Mr. Patrick Auger, 8th Grade Counselor



Glen House Rules for ALL- Respect, Responsibility, Safety!

-Be Respectful

o   Students- Follow all reasonable requests by adults, listen to understand, think before responding, accept differences and work through misunderstandings, be kind, be thankful to our teachers.

o   Staff- Teach our students respect through modeling respect, listen to understand, ensure student confidentiality when discussing grades/behaviors etc., understand a parent’s passion for their child when meeting and conversing with parents, accept differences and work through misunderstandings, be kind!

o   Parents- Assume positive intent, reread correspondence to the school/teachers to ensure respectful tone, be understanding of teacher’s responsibilities-give time for their response, be kind, accept differences and work through misunderstandings and be thankful to our teachers.     

-Be Responsible

o   Students- Be on time, come to class prepared, check Pinnacle and stay on top of your grades, admit when your wrong and work for improvement, manage your time, use technology with the mindset of positivity and added value to your character, ask for help when you need it.

o   Staff- Plan and prepare for each child’s daily education, timely communication with parents, work every day to help each child grow, check emails daily and respond within 48 business hours, keep Pinnacle gradebook updated at least weekly.

o   Parents- Ensure your child is in school/on time daily, work with us to correct misbehaviors, support our teachers and school wide rules, be proud of your child’s school and share all positive news, give us the chance to help solve issues BEFORE heading to Social Media, schedule a parent conference, get involved through PTO, SAC, SAF, or volunteering however you can.

-Be Safe

o   Students- Report any/all unsafe situations or potential situations, follow all reasonable requests by adults, ask for help when needed, wear your ID Badge daily, get to know your school counselor.

o   Staff- Report any/all unsafe situations or potential situations, hold students accountable for following all school rules/procedures/expectations, connect with our students, teach students all school safety protocols and hold them responsible for them.

o   Parents- Report any/all unsafe situations or potential situations, hold students accountable for following all school rules/procedures/expectations, communicate with your child daily and report on their behalf if they feel uncomfortable.

Dress Code

We ask all parents to ensure our students follow Broward County Dress Code Policy.  FGMS requires students to wear their ID Badge visible each day.  Students may NOT wear jeans with holes in them above the knee. They must be appropriately dressed for school each day.  If they are not, you will be contacted within the first hour of school to bring them a change of clothing.


Bell Schedule

The school’s bell schedule is from 9:20 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.  The first bell will be at 9:15 a.m.Please do NOT drop students off before 8:35 am and please make sure students are picked up no later than 3:50 pm.  Attendance will be taken through Pinnacle. It is very important that students are on time and present in class or parents will receive automatic notifications from BCPS of their child’s tardiness or absence.  


Student Schedules

Student schedules & transportation information will be available on Virtual Counselor. Reading supersedes any elective chosen.  Schedule concerns should be forwarded to your child’s grade level counselor.


School Supplies

If you would like to send your child to school with general school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, etc.,) then you may. However, each one of their teachers will provide their students with specific supplies lists for each subject. A general supply list is also posted on our website.  If you need assistance with supplies contact us- we love to help!



The Before & Aftercare program is delighted to welcome all parents. More information about Community After School (which also offers before care) can be found here  or call 954-461-6998.



Clubs/Athletics will be posted on the FGMS website and shared on the announcements.  Students are encouraged to join at least one club.  All students will attend a “Club Rush” during the first month of school so that they can choose a club to join.  Sports have very strict dates.  Tryout dates are shared in the announcements.  Any student who plans to play any sport is required to have completed paperwork and a physical prior to any tryouts. It is suggested that you submit the paperwork at the beginning of the year-regardless of the sport, to ensure you are ready when tryouts arrive. The link to access the paperwork is   Questions related to athletics can be sent to the FGMS Athletic Director, Gary Dorfman @  



Any student that wishes to ride a bus MUST register through the following website  There are safety protocols on the bus that students will need to follow.  A staggered dismissal will be in place in the afternoon to ensure enough time so that students don’t miss their bus. If a student does miss their bus, a parent or guardian MUST pick them up. Riding the school bus is a privilege and misbehaviors on the bus may result in these privileges being revoked.


Breakfast & Lunch

Please fill out a FREE/REDUCED lunch application at .  These forms should be completed regardless of your eligibility for free or reduced lunch.



Students MAY NOT be on campus before 8:35 A.M. If this time does not work for your family, you must register for before care as we do not have supervision before 8:35 A.M. Starting at 8:50 am, students will enter the school through the front entrance and report to their assigned location.  For our students’ safety, students cannot cross the car lanes or parking lot and must be let out of the car only on the curbside of the sidewalk.  Morning Assignments per grade-level:

Grade 6- Track (Students who want breakfast report to Cafeteria)

Grade 7- Gym (Students who want breakfast report to Cafeteria)

Grade 8- Café

All students who eat breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until our first bell rings.



Students are dismissed- based on location in a staggered format to minimize students in the hallway.  Students not in an approved, supervised Aftercare Program/Activity must exit campus immediately.


Turtle Run Park (DO NOT PLAN FOR THIS!)

There is no supervision at any time at Turtle Run Park which is located next to our school.  Students should not be directed to wait for a parent before or after school at the park.  If you choose to have your child report to the park, you and your child are responsible for all behaviors and happenings at the park.  This park is not sponsored by our school, and we will not investigate happenings at the park.  This park belongs to the City of Coral Springs and the Coral Springs Police Department should be contacted for any park issues.  For walkers, our dismissal procedures are changing for this year and walkers will exit the back of the school to Wiles Road or through the sidewalk area to the front right of our school.  Therefore, they will not be able to access the park easily through our school parking lot as this is just not safe.


Inclement Weather

If there is rain during arrival/dismissal, students will follow normal procedures.  However, if the school is under a lightning alert, we will follow inclement weather procedures.  For arrival, students enter the main building or the covered breezeway and report to their usual morning locations.  At dismissal, bus riders report to their buses or the Gym. Car riders report to 3 designated rooms by last name and staff will communicate via radios to dismiss students to their car.  Your patience is appreciated as we keep our students safe. 


On Campus Safety

FGMS is committed to ensuring the safety of all students.  We have a full-time School Resource Officer- Officer Burst, Security Specialist- Mr. Bozeman, and a team of four additional Campus Monitors.  All guests enter campus through the single point of entry via buzzer system after proper vetting which includes visitors sharing their purpose for being on campus and showing their ID through the camera.  All students, staff, and guests must wear ID Badges; Guests are escorted by staff members.  Perimeter gates remain locked and security checks are conducted school-wide frequently. All staff and students are trained on emergency preparedness procedures. Drills are conducted monthly. There are digital real-time security cameras surveilling the entire campus. Report any unsafe happenings after hours via logging on to - See Something, Say Something!


Health Protocols

Prior to sending your child to campus, parents need to ensure they monitor their child for symptoms of illness each day. If your child is sick, please keep them home.


Monitor your student’s progress on Pinnacle

You are able to access your child's grades and attendance from home using the Pinnacle Internet Viewer. Follow these simple instructions and keep track of your child's progress.

To access the Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV), go to:

Log-In Information-

Username:          Student  

Password:           PMM/DD/YEAR (example- P12162012- this would be the password for a child whose birthdate is December 16, 2012…don’t forget your password begins with a capital P)

Let’s Do this Wildcats!

As we move through our year, there will be hiccups along the way and times where you and your child need support! All classroom issues should be reported to your child’s teacher- behaviors, academics, needs, and concerns.  If you should need additional support, please reach out to your child’s School Counselor or their Grade level Administrator.  Parents, please be mindful of working together as a team.  We understand that your child is your passion, and we share this sentiment-Wildcats are our #1 priority!  We ask you to reach out to clarify any issues or concerns with respect and an open mind as we commit to doing the same.  We are in this together

Your “Piece of the Puzzle” Principal,

Melissa Gurreonero

Follow us on Twitter: @GlenPrincipal  #ThisIsUs