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Re-Registration for Returning Students

Dear Parent or Guardian,

School Board Policy 5.1, Enrollment & Withdrawal, requires families at overcrowded schools to annually submit current proofs of residency to ensure they are enrolled in the assigned school. Our school is currently over 102% of permanent capacity or is anticipated to undergo a boundary change within the next two years.

The scheduling and re-registration process will occur simultaneously to ensure all student records are accurate and schedules can be created.

  • Incoming 6th graders will receive their packets from their Feeder schools and will return the packets to the school from which they received them.
  • Returning 7th and 8th graders will receive elective course cards and re-registration paperwork from their 1st period teachers and return the cards to the same teacher.

The window for distributing and completing this information is 2/11-2/24. All registration and course information will be due 2/25.

  • If your child has misplaced the re-registration forms, please click this link.
  • If your child misplaced the course card, you will need to contact the school. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact 754-323-0300.