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Message about electronic cigarettes

Indian Ridge Middle School

1355 South Nob Hill Road

Davie, Florida 33324


Electronic Cigarettes and Vapes


January 21, 2018

Dear Indian Ridge Family,

There is a growing number of children experimenting with electronic cigarettes or vapes in our community.  The safety and security of Indian Ridge students is our highest priority, therefore we wanted to make you aware of this concern.  Most children using vapes are exhibiting these behaviors simply to experiment or because of peer pressure.  Children do not realize the health risks that are associated with using these items. 

It is illegal for minors to purchase, possess or use electronic cigarettes or vapes.  In the school setting, the possession, sale, transmittal, or use of electronic cigarettes or vapes is a violation of the rules set forth by the School Board of Broward County.  Students that violate these rules are subject to disciplinary actions.  Children are purchasing these items either on-line or with local merchants and are bringing them to school.

In an effort to ensure all children are healthy and do not develop bad habits that could adversely impact their future, please take the time to speak to your child about the negative consequences electronic cigarettes or vapes can have on them.




Irene Ortiz,

8th grade Administrator