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Registration (New Students)


Thank you for contacting Lauderhill 6-12 in reference to our registration process.  


Please find the registration documents that will assist you with completing the online process, ALL must be filled out completely.  These documents are fillable documents/forms.  You do not need to print out these forms; you may type directly in it.

Please note that the following documents are also required to complete the online registration process:

  • Student’s birth certificate (mandatory) 
    • If you are not the biological parent, you MUST provide us with legal documentation/proof of guardianship paperwork 
  • Immunization & Physical - must be current
  • Parent/Guardian’s Government ID - must be valid
  • Student's prior year records

If you own, you MUST provide one of the following (this is considered as Column A):

 Property tax bill

  • Homestead exemption card
  • Deed
  • Mortgage statement
  • Home purchase contract

If you rent, you MUST provide your current/updated Lease.


Whether you rent or own, you MUST also provide one of the following documents in addition to the documents mentioned above (this is considered as Column B):

  • Utility bill (i.e.: electricity, water, waste)
  • Phone bill
  • Declaration of Domicile Form from the County Records Department
  • Florida Driver’s License
  • Florida Identification Card
  • Automobile registration
  • Automobile Insurance (must have name and address)
  • Credit Card Statement
  • TWO consecutive bank account statements
  • U.S. Postal Service confirmation of address change request


All documents MUST be in the name of the Registering Parent/Guardian. 


If you are not the homeowner and/or on the Lease, you must fill out the Shared Housing Form and have it notarized on both pages.  The homeowner and/or whomever is on the lease must then provide the documents mentioned above from Column A and B.  Within 30 days, the parent/guardian must also provide 2 documents from Column B (requested above). 

Once you have gathered all of the documents, please click here to schedule your Appointment

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Ms. Johnson and allow 48 hours (excluding weekends and/or Holidays) for a response.


Registration Paperwork

Complete the Registration Form. Select the link below for the form.


Registration Checklist (Fillable)

Registration Form (Fillable)

Complete the Emergency Contact Form. Select the link below for the form.

 Emergency Contact Form

​Complete the Consent for Release(fillable) Form. Select the link below for the form.


Consent for Release


Complete the Code of Conduct Form. Select the link below for the form.

 Code of Conduct


Complete the Shared Housing Form. Select the link below for the form.

Shared Housing 


For any additional questions or concerns please visit the district website: