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October Celebrations

LCMS hosted this year’s first Social-Emotional Learning Parent Night, which featured guest speakers and school staff sharing how LCMS supports students’ emotional well-being during the school day and resources for how families can support mindfulness and mental health at home.   


Our Rising Stars Academy, which provides academic pullouts in reading and math, celebrated 100 students who met their attendance and grade goals at the end of Quarter 1!   


In Athletics:  



  • Soccer-   Girls won their 10th straight Divisional Championship since 2012.  Boys won their 10 Divisional Championship since its inception in 2000.  They were in the Final Four for the 7th time in school history. 



  • Cross Country-  One student placed third in the Girls Lions Creek Middle Cross-Country Invitational and 2nd place in the Girls Coral Springs Middle Cross-Country Invitational.  LCMS finished 8th in the top 10 in the Girls MSAA Broward County Cross Country Championship.  Another student placed third in the Boys Lions Creek Middle Cross-Country Invitational and 2nd place in the Boys Coral Springs Middle Cross-Country Invitational. LCMS finished 5th in the top 10 in the Boys MSAA Broward County Cross Country Championship.



  • Golf-  Lyons Creek Boys qualified for the 3rd straight year for the MSAA Golf Championship as one of the top 8 teams in the county.  



  • Basketball-  Lyons Creek Boys and Girls season has begun by winning the 1st two games of the season with 8 games left to play.