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On Monday, March 30th, students will go online to continue their learning. Please click on this note to see details about teacher/staff contact information as well as virtual online office hours.

Team Teacher List

To better assist you and your child with teacher communications, click on the link below to review your child's team teacher names.

List of Teachers by Team

You may email a teacher directly by delecting the "contact" tab on the front page of this website, then selecting "Faculty & Staff", then clicking on the teacher or staff member. A message will go to the teacher or staff member's email.

Teacher Office Hours

Teacher office hours are posted below. Your child's teachers will have 3 hours a day where they will be available for individual consultations with your child. To access the teacher during office hours you will go onto "Canvas", select the course, scroll down in the course and click on "Conferences" on the left hand side of the screen.

Teachers and Staff Virtual Office Hours