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Summer School starts on 6/21 at Coconut Creek High School. Enrolled students are expected at/before 7:30AM and will be done at 11:30AM, Monday through Thursday. Breakfast and Lunch will be served. Students wishing to register after 6/11 will be waitlisted

Hello Parents,

The Summer School Experience will take place at COCONUT CREEK HIGH SCHOOL. The summer program will start on June 21st and run Monday through Thursday, 7:30AM - 11:30AM.

Wait List Alert                                                           Effective immediately, any student who registers must will be placed on a waitlist and may be enrolled after Monday, June 21 on a space and staff available basis.

Program Details                                                          Offerings at Coconut Creek High School will include course recovery for core classes: LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE.

Program Courses                                                                   A full description of all summer programs, course offerings, and support services are available on the Broward Schools website at: Summer School Course Descriptions

Bus Routes                                                                               Bus Routes for Summer School students will be posted to your child's Virtual Counselor on June 16!

Emergency Contact Form Submitted                                      Please use the links below in your language of choice to view the Emergency Contact form and complete the required information as soon as possible. 
English Emergency Contact Form | Spanish Emergency Contact Form  Portuguese Emergency Contact Form | Haitian-Creole Emergency Contact Form