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Crocket Foundation is please to announce 2 summer programs just for our Margate students. Whether you are an incoming student or current student, you really want to jump on these great opportunities for this summer!

Crockett Foundation

Presents 2 Summer Camps


Summer Coding Camp

Dates: June 14th-July 29th, Monday through Thursday, 9AM-4PM

Contact: Ms. Kambobe at 954-669-0268 or

Summer program held at Broward College. Students engage in fun-filled coding, esports and STEM hands on activities.


Summer Institute Camp

Dates: June 14th- July 29th, Monday-Thursday, 9AM-4PM

Contact: Ms. Jolly at 954-669-3166 or

Summer program held at Margate Middle School and featuring fun-filled adventures and activities.