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Click Here! For a list of this week's events, clubs and sports meetings. Clubs & Sports are a great way for our students to get involved and soar!


Events This Week!

  • PTSA/School Advisory meeting Tuesday, 9/28, 6:00PM, in the Pantheon Media Center
  • Guidance Game Night on Wednesday, 9/29 at 6:30PM in the Café
  • Picture Day is Thursday, 9/30. Pre-order portraits at:


Clubs This Week!

Monday 9/27

  • MTL club with Ms. Walker and Ms. Daniel in room 141, Aphrodite Hall
  • Environmental club with Ms. Bonafino in room 254, Mondi Hall
  • Crime Watch club with Ms. Harrison in room 112, Apollo Hall


Tuesday 9/28

  • Robotics club with Mr. Mejia in room 222, Athena Hall
  • Sophisticated Spartans with Ms. Daniel in room 143, Aphrodite Hall


Wednesday 9/29

  • Human Relations with Ms. Fernandez in the Guidance Suite
  • FFEA/Best Buddies with Ms. JJ Bynes in room 125, Poseidon Hall
  • SECME club with Ms. N. Williams in room 164, Hephaestus Hall
  • Math club with Ms. Vilus in room 165, Artemis Hall
  • Yearbook club with Ms. S. Williams in Guidance Suite
  • Student Government with Ms. Cools and Mr. Salomon in room 114, Apollo Hall


Thursday 9/30

  • Drama Club with Ms. J. Bynes in room 113, Apollo Hall
  • No Place for Hate Club with Ms. Schildt in room 251, Mondi Hall
  • First Priority with Mrs. Emilimor in room 164, Hephaetus Hall


Friday 10/1

No Clubs


Sports This Week!


  • Meet at Millennium Middle School 9/27 Monday at 4:00PM
  • Practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00PM-5:30PM



  • Home Games on Monday, Friday at our field 4:30PM
  • Away Game on Wednesday at Forest Glen MS at 4:00Pm (Tentative)
  • Practice on Tuesday, Thursday from 4:00PM-5:30PM


Cross Country

  • Practice Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00PM-5:30PM



  • Practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00PM-5:15PM