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MMS is A Unified Dress Code School. Click Here for More Information.

Margate Middle is a UNIFIED DRESS CODE (UDC) school!  Your child will be required to dress in the UDC with a plain OR embroidered polo shirt and khaki, navy, or black bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts). 
We have partnered with Dynasty Custom to provide our embroidered UDC polo shirts in dry fit or a 50/50 cotton blend for only $17!
In addition, if your child takes physical education this school year, he/she/they will be required to dress in the MMS Phys. Ed. uniform which includes a t-shirt and nylon shorts. Both items are $16 dollars.
Click on the link below to purchase your child's polo shirts and/or Phys. Ed. uniform.  UDC bottoms may be purchased at your preferred clothing location (Macy's, JC Penney, Walmart, Target, etc.) 
In addition, Dynasty Custom will BE ON CAMPUS at Margate Middle on THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2022 from 9AM - 1PM. Come in for an opportunity to purchase your items in person.
The uniform committee will only consider waivers for religious reasons. Parents MUST submit a letter from their clergy along with the waiver request. A Parent or Guardian may request by mail, or in person, an application for an exemption from the uniform program.  Exemption waivers must be completed by the 10th day of the student's enrollment.
Unified Dress Code