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Enthusiasm and excitement are in the atmosphere as we prepare to launch into celebrating Literacy Week. This AWESOME launch will take place the week of January 24, 2022. Click here for more details!

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! Is an annual event during which students, teachers, administrators, parents, and volunteers celebrate the tremendous success of Florida students over the past decade. With this year’s theme, “Launch into Literacy”, students are encouraged to share a book with someone and make a difference in their community, school, and family. 


Literacy Week Calendar Jan 24th-Jan 28th:

Monday- Wild About Reading ( Wear Animal Print Attire)
Tuesday- Teaming Up with Literacy (Wear Sports Tee or Jersey)
Wednesday- Reading Our Way into College (Wear College Paraphernalia)
Thursday- Career Character Day (Dress as Your Future Career)

Friday- Reading Makes You Bright (Wear Bright Colors and Sunglasses)