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Immunization Requirements for Students Entering the 7th Grade

Before entering the 7th Grade, all students must provide a Florida Certificate of Immunization (DH 680) stating that their immunizations are complete for 7th-grade entry. In addition to compliance with all other required immunizations, children entering the 7th Grade in Florida schools must have received one dose of the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (TDAP) vaccine.

Your child may need additional immunizations, and/or you may need to turn in the updated DH 680 form.

You may request the form from your child's physician's office.

Only the original 680 DH forms are accepted. Please do not turn in copies. The form must have the signature of the responsible healthcare provider, either by hand or using an electronic signature verification ID from Florida SHOTS.

Please review the form before submitting it to the Registrar's office because forms with errors will not meet state requirements.

You may send the form in with your student on the first day of school or hand-deliver it to the school's Registrar.

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