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BEHS Summer Programs Registration

Blanche Ely High families, BEHS is announcing Summer 2021, Get Back! Get Ready! Reconnect! – a summer experience that’s open to all students.

Blanche Ely invites your student to get back, get ready and reconnect with their friends and teachers during BCPS Summer 2021, a six-week summer experience that can help them accelerate their learning in a face-to-face setting ahead of the next school year. The summer experience can also help your student make up courses and credits they’ve missed during distance learning.

Summer 2021 is a free six-week experience that starts Monday, June 21 and runs through Thursday, July 29, 2021. Certified teachers will provide face-to-face instruction and CDC safety guidelines will be followed including mandatory mask-wearing, physical distancing, and other health and safety protocols.

Classes will be held on our very own campus, Monday through Thursday, for four hours a day, from 7:30am-11:30am. Subjects offered are Math, English, Science and Social Studies.

All classes will be held in-person and on campus only – the Summer 2021 Get Back! Get Ready! Reconnect! experience does not include virtual eLearning.

Please note, seats are limited.

Blanche Ely High School looks forward to welcoming your student to Summer 2021, so they can Get Back! Get Ready! and Reconnect!

For more information, please contact our school at 754-322-0950.

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