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Optional Textbook Request Form

Textbook pickup will happen on Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00 AM at the school, only if you filled out the Textbook Request form prior to noon on Tuesday.


If you completed the survey before Friday, August 28 and were unable to pick up your textbooks on Saturday, August 29, you do NOT need to fill out another form.  Your textbooks are already set aside for you at the school.  

However, if you never filled out a request for textbooks and would like to, please fill out this form. We ask that you only fill out this form request one time.  Duplicate entries slow down the process.

The following textbooks and workbooks are on back order and those teachers will notify your students when they have arrived.

  • Spanish for Beginners
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers
  • Cambridge Math

Laptops: If you are having laptop issues or need to switch out a broken laptop or sign out a school laptop, please fill out the tech service request form at



James Cecil, Principal

Sawgrass Springs Middle