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Silver Lakes Middle School is proud to officially announce our partnership with Verizon Innovative Learning SchoolsTM (VILS) This partnership is designed to bring greater Internet connectivity to our students at no-cost to parents.  After an initial needs assessment survey, select 6th and 7thgrade student participants will be given a VILS Hotspot home modem that works off the Verizon wireless network.  This device is registered to the student and allows for up to 30 GB of wireless access a month.  After the first 30 GB, students can still receive wireless access, but the speed will be reduced. All data usage and site visitation will be monitored remotely by Broward County Public Schools web filters and by a designated representative at Silver Lakes Middle School. 


Our initial needs assessment survey will take place starting tomorrow, November 8th, 2022, and conclude the following Tuesday, November 15th.  We ask that if you are interested in this service, please take the VILS Assessment Survey by either using the link on the Silver Lakes Middle website or by using the QR code provided in this letter.  If you are selected for the program, you can expect a follow-up letter notifying you of your acceptance and giving you instructions on when and where you can pick up your VILS Hotspot.  This is an ongoing program, so if you are not selected for the initial roll-out, you may be eligible for future, quarterly rollouts.