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Bridge Competition

Bridge Competition Pictures

Students from Silver Lakes Middle competed in the National Transportation and Civil Engineering (TRAC) Bridge Building Challenge which is a part of SECME at the South Side Cultural Arts Center. The TRAC program introduces students to a wide variety of career opportunities in the field of engineering and teaches students how to apply math and science concepts to help identify and resolve engineering barriers in the transportation system.

Representing Silver Lakes Middle in the 7th-8th grade division were Charles Dion 7th, Omar Lord 7th, Samir Bernard 8th, Issac Donner 8th, and Schainda Cherichel 8th.

The teams from Silver Lakes Middle competed against teams from across the county where the goal of this competition is to develop a Truss Bridge that will carry as much weight as possible while weighing as little as possible (strength-to-weight ratio). Each team is to research the bridge type, design and conduct experiments to test for strength-to-weight ratio, and then design a bridge resulting from those experiments. The teams are construct a bridge made only with the materials provided in the TRAC Challenge Entry Kit.