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Personal VPN Proxy Services Prohibited

According to District Acceptable Use Guidelines, proxy services such as Personal VPN Services are prohibited when connecting to school resources including but not limited to:

• Clever • Canvas • Pinnacle • Office365 • Microsoft Teams

If district security systems detect the use of Proxies or Personal VPN services, the user may be blocked from accessing school related resources and a parent/guardian will need to work with school administration to restore access. 

For accountability, cyber security, and auditing purposes, connections to district educational resources must be made directly, without first traveling through a proxy or VPN service. Users are discouraged from using personal VPN services as we believe them indicative of an intent for wrongdoing, in violation of BCPS policies. Due to the high incidence of cyber security issues caused by users found to be using personal VPNs, we will no longer accept connections to district resources using this method of connectivity.