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Electives 2022-2023

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Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to ensure you are selecting classes that foster your interests and invokes opportunities for new discoveries in your educational journey. Welcome to our first school year where we will be shifting to an A/B block schedule. Students will be exposed to more electives daily and/or have necessary support for rigorous curriculums.

In this course code directory, you will find some basic academic course descriptions and detailed elective descriptions to ensure you are making informed decisions regarding your schedules.

Please note we do not make elective changes as we make every effort to honor what you have selected. If you do not make selections, please know selections will be made for you based on elective availability.

I look forward to all the new adventures in 2022-2023!


Mr. Robert Rivera




Robert Rivera, Principal

Carol Nissen, 6th Assistant Principal

Richard Gonzalez, 7th Assistant Principal

Selima Mignott-Watson, 8th Assistant Principal


Phillip Jones, 6th Guidance Counselor

Lydia Margelot, 7th School Counselor

Cynthia Veronick, 8th School Counselor


Jessica Winter, ESE Specialist

Frankie Cunningham, ESE Support Facilitator

Timi Dattoli, ESE Support Facilitator

Valeska McDonald, ESE Support Facilitator

Kristy Rosario, Literacy Coach


Electives 2022-2023

6th Grade Electives Card

7th Grade Electives Card

8th Grade Electives Card