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WMS All-County Band Students

Westglades Band

We are proud to announce that 26 Westglades' students were placed in the Broward All-County Band! Because of this, we are Number One in the entire county in terms of membership in the band; more than any other school this year!

Michelle Ross, Flute
Dani Kokulyansky, Flute
Morgan Melchiorri, Flute
Sofia Vassilatos, Flute
Alison LaTorre, Flute
Bella Wong, Flute
Esther Bang, Oboe
Karen Liu, Bassoon
Justin Krooks, Bassoon
Ava Wellnitz, Clarinet
Brian Viner, Clarinet
Jennifer Scheckowitz, Clarinet
Sebastian Bagoon, Clarinet
Lucas Marrink, Clarinet
Lauren Fitzsimmons, Clarinet
Danielle Levy, Bass Clarinet
Riley Johnson, Bass Clarinet
Ethan Engelman, Alto Saxophone
Zacharia Govan, Trumpet
Ryan Shaw, Trumpet
Emilio Llompart, Trumpet
Julia Churukian, French Horn
Natalie Brighton, Trombone
Shivank Joginipalli, Euphonium BC
Benedict Stephen, Percussion
Apollo Lee, Percussion