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Mental Health Mandate Information


Mental Health Mandate Information


In 2019, the State Board of Education passed a mandate for schools to provide instruction to students in grades K-12 related to mental health, drug abuse and misuse, and human trafficking. Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is providing a high-quality curriculum, provided by Rethink Ed, to our students that is designed to encourage student interaction with relevant topics and build the confidence to make more positive, healthy choices. There are 8 lessons that our students will be receiving over November 8, December 6, January 12, and February 22.


The curriculum will be delivered to students during their ELA and science classes during the following days:

- November 8: Emotions and Anxiety

-December 6 or 7: Resilience & Reducing the Risk of Suicide (Science teachers Sweeney, Supovitz, Deck, Tinsey's 6th grade classes, Resta, & Mason will be giving their lesson on 12/7.)


The curriculum will be delivered to students during their Math and social studies classes during the following days:

-January 12: Stress Management & Substance Use Disorders

-February 22: Support Systems & Human Trafficking


There is no statutory waiver option from the instruction; however, all materials will be available in Canvas for convenient access for students who may wish to revisit the learning objectives and resources.


This is an excellent opportunity for conversation about mental wellness, child safety and substance abuse prevention. As always, school-based mental health staff is available to support our students.


If you have any questions regarding these lessons, please contact your grade level school counselor(s) or administrator at 754-322-4800.