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WDMS Uniform Policy 2023-2024


William Dandy Middle School

Mandatory School Unified Dress Code 2023-2024


WDMS has a unified dress code daily. WE believe this dress code policy promotes safety, improves behavior and enhances the learning environment. Below is a list of colors that are approved.

Unified Dress code consists of the following:

TOPS: (Polo Style Shirts) short/ long sleeve

Colors: White, Yellow (Gold), Navy Blue, Light Blue and Royal Blue (SOLID COLORS ONLY)

BOTTOMS: Dockers style shorts, pants, Capri’s and skorts

Colors: Tan Khaki, Navy Blue


*Students are Not permitted to wear: Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings, Yoga Pants or Pajama Bottoms*

*Students may wear hooded jackets but hoods may not be worn on their heads during the school day.*

If the weather dips below 55 degrees students may wear black or navy sweatpants or jeans may be worn no cuts, rips, tears or designs.

Magnet Professional Dress Day 

Magnet professional Dress Day is recognized on Mondays and Fridays. The students are required to dress in attire that represents their unique program. 


Pre-Law students must wear their Law vest embroidered with the Pre-Law logo, along with a white button-down collared dress shirt and black or blue dress slacks or skirt and a plaid necktie for boys and a cross tie for girls.  

The vest and tie must be purchased at ALL UNIFORM WEAR STORE. 

***Available on at the Margate location 

Pre-Medical students must wear ROYAL BLUE medical scrubs with WHITE shoes. Royal Blue Scrubs can also be purchased at ALL UNIFORM WEAR STOREScrubs purchased at the store will have the magnet logo. 


Uniforms will be available for purchase online soon. Please call the store for additional information. 

All Uniform Wear 

5688 W Sample Rd, Margate, FL 33073 

In Peppertree Plaza · (954) 741-1314