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William Dandy Middle School Student and Staff Identification Badges

For the safety and security of all on campus, students must wear ID badges on campus.  

Below are the rules and consequences for not wearing an ID badge. 

 If a student forgot or lost their ID Badge, the student will get a temporary ID badge in the morning and a replacement before school and during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Media Center. Students who do not have ID badges will receive disciplinary consequences for not wearing their ID badges at school.  This includes lunch detention on each occasion with the possibility of in-school suspension if it becomes habitual (more than 3 times). 

Replacement ID Badges are free for the first 5 times a student comes to school without an ID badge.  A charge of $5 for each time after the 5th ID badge is given.


  • A valid student ID will be required at all times during the school day and at all school sponsored events including athletic events, plays, concerts, etc.
  • Students wishing to attend field trips and other school related activities must present their IDs to the supervising adult on the day of the field trip and/or activity. Students without a valid ID before departure will not be allowed to attend the field trip or activity.
  • Students are not allowed to deface their IDs by coloring, adding stickers, or changing the design of the ID in any way. Students who alter the original picture and design of their ID must replace the ID. 
  • ALL students have received at least one ID.