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2023 Final Exam Schedule

Senior Final Exams and End of the Year Schedule

Underclass Final Exams and Exam Exemption Information

Exam Exemption Sing-Out Form (forthcoming)  

Students will have the opportunity to exempt qualifying course exams by submitting the Exam Exemption Form. Students exempting an exam and staying on campus will report to a designated area for supplemental SEL activities provided by our School Counseling department. Students exempting an exam may leave campus for the exempted period, provided parent permission is documented on the early release authorization form. The form must be filled out completely and a clear copy of parent/guardian ID must be attached in order for the student to be allowed off-campus. Students will only be permitted to leave at the conclusion of the test. Students will not be permitted to leave campus while the test is still in progress.

As per School Board Policy 6000.1, students who have earned a grade of a “B” or better in a high school course may be exempt from up to 3 final exams in a semester. Exempting exams is a reward for satisfactory or better academic progress. It is widely recognized that students benefit from the study skills practiced when preparing for semester exams similar to those used in post-secondary schools. Students who choose to exempt their exams may forego the opportunity to improve their semester grades by taking their exams and earning higher grades. Students always have the option not to use the exam exemption. Midterm and/or final exams cannot be retroactively exempted once the student takes the exam.