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Withdrawing a Student from CCHS


The registrar’s office is open. Please be sure to return school supplies (textbooks, uniforms, etc.) at the time of or before the withdrawal to avoid receiving an obligation.  For more information regarding withdrawing your student please contact Ms. Wild or Ms. Lopez;  754-323-0215 or 754-323-0220

Policy 5.1

Only the parent who registers the student may withdraw the minor student from his or her current school, without documentation of extenuating circumstances indicating otherwise.

  1. Pursuant to F.S. 1003.21, a child who attains the age of 16 years during the school year is not subject to compulsory school attendance beyond the date upon which he or she attains that age if the child files a formal declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment with the District School Board.
    1. The declaration must acknowledge that terminating school enrollment is likely to reduce the student’s earning potential and must be signed by the child and the child’s parent or legal guardian.
    2. The school district must notify the child’s parent of the child’s declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment.
  2. The school shall conduct an exit interview and complete a drop out survey, as outlined in SBBC Policy 5.5 Attendance for all students who withdraw from school prior to graduation, regardless of age (SBBC Policy 5.5).
  3. Students under 16 years of age may not be withdrawn from school for any reason unless covered by an exemption (F.S.1003.21) coordinated by the Student Welfare and Attendance Department and approved by the Superintendent or expelled through board action. This shall not be construed to preclude any student who transfers, withdraws, or is withdrawn for any of the above reasons from returning to the regular school program, providing the proper procedures for remaining in or returning to school have been followed.
  4. When a parent informs the school that the child is being withdrawn for home education and the child stops attending school; the student is to be immediately withdrawn. The District will follow up within 10 days to ensure that parents are in compliance with compulsory education laws. Criminal charges may be filed against the parent(s) if the child is not placed in a school option within 30 days (F.S. 1002.41 (1) (a)).

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