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Log In -- Log Out Clever

The Broward SSO Launchpad also provides a way for you to manage your own password from anywhere, using the new self-service password reset tool.  

In order to start using Broward SSO there will be a onetime registration process.  Go to: and click the Register Now/Login button to display the Sign In page or SSO.BROWARDSCHOOLS.COM. Students log in with their login credentials to register their account. Enter the login information and follow the prompts.  Students use the following username and password below: 

Username: Student ten digit 06 number (example: 0601234567) 

Password: Windows (Active Directory) password or Office 365 password (example: PMM/DD/YYYY)

After the initial login, students will be required to set up alternate authentication (also known as strong authentication) information. Alternate authentication is a method of verifying the user’s identity. Follow the prompts to select three security questions from the drop-down boxes and type in the answer for each question.  Click Save when finished.  Enjoy spending time in Broward’s new SSO Launchpad!