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BCPS Announces Safety Protocols for Spectators


Please click here for 2021-2022 Spectator Protocols


• Face coverings must be worn indoors at all times; only exception is during active participation.

• Follow entry and screening procedures into the facility IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS, STAY HOME AND CONTACT YOUR ATHLETIC TRAINER.


• Face coverings are required when indoors on BCPS property.

• Face coverings are required when outdoors on BCPS property, when physical distancing of 3ft or more is not guaranteed.

• Each school will communicate ticket purchase process. Authenticity of the ticket will take place at the gate and admission will be granted.

• All spectators will go through security measures at all events.

• Spectators with valid tickets will be allowed to park at the venue and will be expected to follow guidelines for entrance and seating.

• Admission to athletic events will generally stop mid-way through the event. For example, admission to football games will not be permitted after the start of the third quarter.

• Spectators must have an appropriate face covering for all indoor and outdoor events to enter.

• Some athletic events will be held at non-District owned venues. Spectators must follow guidelines established by each individual facility. Event spectators must have proof of a ticket for the event.

• Spectators are asked to self-screen at home and not report to any venue while sick or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

• All spectators will undergo a security check before redeeming tickets.

• Spectators are asked to follow and maintain physical distancing guidelines and avoid congregating in groups during athletic events.