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Increased Security Measures at BCPS Sporting Events


Increased Security Measures at BCPS Sporting Events

Broward County Public Schools is expanding the increased security measures that were implemented at high school football games to include all District sporting events taking place on school campuses.  

Spectators will no longer be permitted to carry backpacks or bags inside event venues, except for diaper bags, which will be searched prior to entering. There will be increased law enforcement and security presence at every sporting event, and there will be no re-admittance. These measures will take place during football, basketball, soccer, wresting and cheerleading competitions, and all other sports as those seasons begin. 

Trained security personnel will continue to conduct screenings with handheld metal detectors at high school football games. As of November 29, the use of metal detectors will also take place at high school boys and girls basketball games. Tickets at football and basketball games will not be sold after the start of the 4th quarter.

Face coverings continue to be strongly encouraged.

The District thanks everyone for their cooperation to ensure BCPS provides safe environments for everyone attending District sporting events.