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Student ID Badges

Students must wear their school ID to gain entrance to our campus. Student IDs must be worn to campus each day and students must keep them on throughout the day. Students must display them at all times while on campus. Per the Code of Conduct, students shall wear their current, unaltered, and official school issued identification (ID) Badge, clearly visible on the front of their person and not lower than elbow level. IDs shall be always worn while on school grounds and on school-sponsored transportation.  If the badge is stolen, misplaced, or otherwise not accessible to the student while on the school campus, a replacement will be issued. Replacements will be issued up to three (3) times at no cost to the student. After 3 replacements have been issued during that school year, the student will incur a financial obligation of 5 dollars each. The financial obligation shall be handled in accordance with the district's policies, rules, and standard practice bulletins governing the collection of these funds.