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BC Summer Dual Enrollment Deadline Approaching

Reminder: BC Summer Dual Enrollment Deadline is Approaching: 

Please follow all the steps as indicated in the link below.  Do not wait for the last moment to take the ACCUPLACER exam.  If you are new to dual enrollment, please don't forget to first complete a Broward College online application to receive a BC student number.

Broward College Dual Enrollment Summer Instructions

The Broward College SUMMER Dual Enrollment Application window is now open and the deadline to apply online if all eligibility requirements are met is February 3, 2022, by 2:40PM.  No exceptions will be made to this deadline.  Students must have eligible test scores and a minimum unweighted overall GPA of 3.0 to submit an application.  The link for the application can be found on the school counselor's CANVAS page under ANNOUNCEMENTS.  More information regarding BC Dual Enrollment and the application link can also be found at


If the student does not have eligible ACT or SAT test scores, they MUST submit a copy of ACCUPLACER eligible test scores to their assigned school counselor prior to submitting a BC dual enrollment application. To register for the ACCUPLACER test please visit