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Student Semester Exam Early Sign-Out (Spring 2023)

Jaguar Family,The purpose of this form is to obtain the parent/guardian’s dismissal permission.  The parent/guardian MUST be the one to fill out this form.  On the day(s) a student has finished a Semester Exam the student may be released from school with parental/guardian authorization as given by this form.  The form must be filled out completely and a clear copy of parent/guardian ID must be uploaded in order for the student to be allowed off campus. Students will only be permitted to leave at the conclusion of the first exam session. The last time for a student to sign out using this form is 9:45 AM.  This form is due no later than 6/1/23 at 11:59 PM.*Please make sure you are signed in using the student's single sign on.  The name on the single sign-on should match the name on this form. 

The link to the form is located below: