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Fall Dual Enrollment at Broward College

Attention Students and Parents:
Broward College has begun the application process for fall dual enrollment.
Instructions are listed on the power point presentation.
Deadline to submit the online Dual enrollment form to your counselor is April 22, 2021.
Students log on to the website on May 27, 2021 and choose their classes.

If you are new to dual enrollment and you do not have SAT, ACT, PERT or Accuplacer test scores you must Apply to Broward College first and then send the following to your counselor:
  1. Your BC ID#
  2. Your personal email 
  3. Your birthdate
       BC will send to your personal email the voucher to take the Accuplacer test.
       You must then send those scores to your counselor and continue the application process.