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Deerfield Beach high school Magnet Open House is here and ready to show what there is to offer when it comes down to joining their magnet programs. The programs that will be presented to the students and parents include Urban Teacher Academy Program, The International Baccalaureate and Communications/ Broadcast Arts Program. This assembly will give students a general introduction to the school. While each of the magnet programs will speak about their own areas and properly introduce their programs to better inform students and parents on the benefits of being in a magnet program.

The open house will be held on Thursday, January 14th on Microsoft Teams using this clickable link, it will start at 6:30pm so students and parents should start making their way to a computer before the start time. Teachers, staff members and other students will on the call to help assist students and their parents with and questions or concerns they may have regarding the school. There will be virtual breakout sessions for the individual magnet programs if parents want to ask select coordinators questions. Once the sessions start the links will be given in the Microsoft Teams Meeting, but they will be as following:

Link for CBA Q & A Session

Link for IB Q & A Session

Link for UTAP Q & A Session

Attending this open house can help introduce students to new opportunities they may be able to have throughout their high school experience. These programs give students an outlet to explore technical and leadership positions to further get educated in these topics after high school. Lastly this open house is being held to ensure that parents understand the opportunities being provided to their children at DBHS.