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Spring Dual Enrollment Information


If you submitted Dual Enrollment paperwork for the Spring term, registration will start, October 28th.

The College made the decision last week that the course delivery options will be in 3 formats:

1) Remote Learning (RL)

2) On campus in person with social distancing and wearing masks

3) Fully Online

You must read the notes on their course section you choose to know if the course will be remote learning (RL).


Student Errors when Registering

 Listed below are a list of errors you many experience and what they mean and what you can do:

“DU Hold – See HS Counselor” – This means a student is registering for a course not on the DE approved course list

“1126” – See a BC person to update

“Prove FL residency” – See a BC person to update

“Registering for more credits than allowed” – Student trying to register for more credits than approved on the DE Form

“HL – Immigration Hold” – See BC Person to update

“1044 – Missing Prerequisite” – BC needs proof of prerequisite – please send to BC

*Once you have registered for your classes, please email your Broward College schedule to myself at