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City of Miramar Youth Advisory Council


  • Miramar Youth Advisory Council members will be eligible for a Miramar Youth Advisory Council Scholarship
  • Council members will be eligible to receive up a $1,000.00 scholarship in their senior year
  • Council members must participate in the Miramar Youth Advisory Council a minimum of 2 years and be in
    good standing in their Senior year of High School to be eligible to receive any scholarship monies


  • To provide a path of honest, meaningful, and reciprocal communication between the caring youth of the
    City of Miramar and the City’s leaders
  • To provide youth with an understanding of the inner-workings of municipal government
  • To cultivate a sense of civic responsibility and public service
  • To provide a safe and constructive learning environment
  • To encourage and develop effective leadership skills
  • To provide real world opportunities for active community service in the City of Miramar
  • To acknowledge the civic involvement and contributions of the youth of the City of Miramar
  • To learn and seek feedback from our youth regarding contemporary issues affecting the positive
    development of the youth of the City of Miramar


  • The Miramar Youth Advisory Council will be comprised of 10 High School students whose primary
    residence is in the City of Miramar
  • Students in grades 10 and 11 are eligible for participation
  • Students will be involved in research projects and community service initiatives
  • Students should be eager to represent their peers to the Mayor, Chief of Police, and other city leaders

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