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5 Steps to Getting Started with Distance Learning

5 Steps to Getting Started with Distance Learning pdf 


Five Steps to Getting Started with Broward County Public Schools Distance Learning

  1. How do I get to school? Go to

  2. How do I enter school?

Sign in with your student number and password to get to your personalized Clever Launchpad. Each student’s dashboard is different depending on grade level. Below is a sample of one. For young and complex learners, parents/guardians should log in with the student information.

 Clever picture

  1. How do I get to class?

Click on the Canvas image outlined in red above.

  1. How do I enter class?

Use the “Courses” button on the left blue navigation bar to access your courses.

Or you can click on the Canvas Tile to bring you into your Canvas course 

  1. How do I interact with my teacher(s)?

Read any of your teacher’s announcements at the top of the homepage of your Canvas course and then look for your assignments below. If your teacher has designed your work in Modules, click on the Modules link on the left side of your course navigation to begin seeing your units of study.

Your teacher may be providing live video conferencing, pre-recorded

videos, and Canvas messages. Each teacher will provide specific directions on how they will communicate with you and your child. 

While your child engages in remote learning they may not be on the computer all day. Students need to log in every day to receive their assignments and instructions from their teacher(s). Some of the assignments can and will be done online, however, some assignments will be completed offline and then uploaded to their Canvas course for grading. Students may be asked to join a live webinar or watch an online video to receive the instruction they need. These webinars and videos will vary in length. As always, please try to provide your child with as much support as possible to help them be successful in their school work. Please feel free to email your child's teacher(s) with any questions or concerns about distance learning.

 If your child has no Canvas courses or no announcements in Canvas courses on Wednesday, August 19 then please go to There are multiple days of grade level activities that students can engage in while the teacher publishes their courses and availability. If there is still no information on Thursday, August 20 please email or call your school’s administration.

 For more information and updates, visit

 Please note information is always changing and we will provide the latest updates as soon as possible.


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