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E-Learning Frequently Asked Questions

E Learning FAQs pdf



Published on Monday – August 17, 2020

The following information is specifically intended for the students and families of Monarch High School about getting ready for school and eLearning. For the most updated information, please check our school website regularly or follow us on Twitter: @MHShighlights. Please note information is always changing and we will provide the latest updates as soon as possible. In addition, District staff and administrators have step-by-step guidance to help parents assist their students through the school day and information on what to expect once classes begin. To access these webinars, please visit: We thank you for your patience and understanding.


1.  When is the first day of eLearning?

At this time, it is BCPS’s intent to begin the 2020-21 school year on August 19th, 2020 through a virtual delivery model, referred to by BCPS as eLearning.


2.  Will the 100% eLearning model be year-long or for the first semester only?

The District will revisit the decision on the most appropriate learning model under prevailing circumstances on or around October 1st, 2020. At that time, if a 14-day favorable trend is observed in four categories (disease progression, ability to manage the spread, health system capacity, and adequacy of District safeguards) across select key indicators within the tri- county area, BCPS will consider transitioning its learning model. If not, BCPS will regularly review these indicators in an effort to return to a face-to-face learning model as soon as safely possible. In conjunction with public health officials, BCPS will assess the relative weighting of indicators across those categories. Upon receiving approval from the School Board, the District will provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice to the Broward community before transitioning to a new phase of reopening. When trends are favorable, BCPS will begin welcoming students back to campus under a hybrid model. The frequency of time on campus will vary depending on the physical space limits and enrollment levels at a given school. Families who desire to continue with 100% eLearning will have the option to do so.


3.  What will eLearning look like for the beginning of this school year?

Each day, students will interact synchronously with their teacher(s) through a secure video conferencing application, Microsoft Teams. Students will be able to see their classmates and teacher(s) via webcams and interact with them in a virtual classroom. Canvas, the District’s learning management system, allows teachers to share content, assignments, and feedback with students individually or in groups. Canvas also allows students to respond to discussion posts by classmates on topics that relate to the content they are learning in class. Canvas and Teams allow the teacher to place students in collaborative groups while using Microsoft shared files (Word and/or PowerPoint) to work on a group class project.


4.  What if a teacher is absent?

Qualified substitutes will be available to provide instruction when a teacher is ill or absent.


5.  Do I still need to call out my child for an absence?

Parents must continue to report their child’s absence in accordance with the procedures in the Code of Student Conduct and the School Board Attendance Policy 5.5.


6.  What happens when my child gets booted off internet and can’t be online anymore?

We understand issues with technology will arise; therefore, individual situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. However, the student or parent should notify the teacher(s) and the school to ensure continuity with instruction and learning.


7.  How will physical education classes work with eLearning?

In Broward County Public Schools, physical education is part of the required curriculum. BCPS follows the PE Legislation for physical education in grades K–12. Secondary physical education, grades 6 - 12, includes development beyond the basic skills and concepts and focuses on application, responsibility, participation, and an appreciation  for  sports  and physical activities.


8.  How will a student’s Study Hall period work with eLearning?

Students will have to log into their designated Study Hall for attendance purposes.


9.  Do students need to be logged in during the entire school day (8:30am-3:10pm)?

As with teaching in the traditional brick and mortar setting, instruction will look different from class to class and teacher to teacher. We understand the concern for extended periods of screen time; therefore, instruction during the eLearning setting will include a variety of teaching methods that will not require a student to be online during the entire school day. Instruction will depend on how teachers will set up their classes and the lessons they present.


10.  How will student attendance be tracked during the 100% eLearning period?

Teachers will record student attendance in the system used by the District to capture attendance (Pinnacle). Attendance will be based on the student’s presence in the digital classroom. Students will be counted in attendance during their scheduled class time. Students are expected to submit a Daily Attendance Check-in. Evidence for daily student attendance includes participation in synchronous learning, participation in a discussion board, submission of assignments, and direct communication with the teacher. Outreach to students who are observed not to be attending class will occur in order to determine whether the student is experiencing connectivity issues or is need of other supports. Attendance taking protocols and procedures will be shared with all staff.


11.  What is the schedule for online courses?



Period 1: 8:30am – 10:00am Period 2: 10:05am – 11:35am

LUNCH: 11:35am – 12:05pm (All Students)

Period 3: 12:05pm – 1:35pm Period 4: 1:40pm – 3:10pm



Period 5: 8:30am – 10:00am Period 6: 10:05am – 11:35am

LUNCH: 11:35am – 12:05pm (All Students)

Period 7: 12:05pm – 1:35pm Period 8: 1:40pm – 3:10pm


12.  When will student schedules be released?

Student class schedules will be released via Virtual Counselor by Monday – August 17, 2020.


13.  How do I go about submitting a schedule/course change request?

There will be no formal online process for students to submit a schedule/course change request; however, if a student has been placed in a wrong academic/core class, please send an e-mail to your designated school counselor indicating the issue. Students cannot request a schedule/course change simply because would like a different teacher.


14.  Who is my school counselor and how do I contact him/her?

Students/parents are encouraged to contact their school counselor via e-mail. The for the 2020-2021 school year, the school counselor assignments have changed:


15.  When is the pick-up date for students needing textbooks?

Textbook pick-up will be on Thursday – August 27, 2020 and we are currently working on the process. More details with be forthcoming as they become available.

16.  Will there be an alternative date to drop-off textbooks?

The second drop off date will be on Wednesday – August 18, 2020 from 8am-12pm. For any textbook-related questions, please e-mail:

 17.  How will new students request/receive a laptop?

If a student is in need of a laptop for the upcoming school year, please complete the form online here: After you submit the online form, you will be notified by our clerical staff with a date/time for when you can pick up the device.


18.  Can I use a District-issued loaner laptop that I received from a BCPS school?

If you received a laptop or computer device during one of distribution events in March, you may keep that device and use it for eLearning during this school year. For example, if you received a laptop from Lyons Creek Middle School, you may continue to utilize that same device to begin the school year at Monarch High School.


19.  Will extracurricular clubs and activities continue with the eLearning platform?

Yes, club sponsors/advisors will meet virtually with students at specific dates/times throughout the school week, but after the end of the eLearning school day (3:10pm). More information regarding extracurricular clubs and activities will be posted on our school’s website.


20.  Are food services going to be available?

BCPS’ Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) department will continue meal service to students in compliance with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) regulations. Students will have the opportunity to receive breakfast and lunch according to their meal eligibility. The “Grab and    Go” model packages five (5) days of meals for pick up. Student meals will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.


21.  What will a return to Athletics and other programming look like?

The Office of Athletics and Student Activities (ASA) has been working diligently since May, 2020, to develop a phased-in approach to re-launch athletics. Staff has been meeting weekly with athletic directors, principal groups, and medical experts. The District has received little guidance from the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). Prioritizing the health and safety of all students and staff will remain ASA’s primary focus. At present, a stay-at-home mandate is in effect for student-athletes, coaches and staff with regard to the start of outside voluntary strength and conditioning sessions at the District’s traditional high schools. When safe to resume, school-based administration will have full autonomy to organize and launch voluntary workouts while following the safety and sanitation procedures and protocols provided by the ASA department. To reduce transmission, only outdoor practice areas are approved and ready for use. School weight rooms will remain closed during the initial return to voluntary play.


22.  Will childcare solutions be available to families who need it?

When schools initially closed in March, families scrambled to find a safe place for their children. In order for eLearning to be successful during the opening of school on August 19th, many families will need a safe place for their children to go during the day while they are at work. To support families, BCPS’s Before and After School Child Care (BASCC) Department has collaborated with community partners and providers to determine what can be done to help families find solutions. Under the eLearning model, BCPS will offer a list of private off-campus providers on the School Board of Broward County’s website. In a hybrid model under more favorable conditions, BCPS will provide before and after care to staff and families for a fee. For days when students are not on campus, full-day care will be provided to District staff on a zone basis for $3.50 per hour, while a list of private off-campus providers will be provided to (non-staff) parents. BCPS has currently confirmed 18 partners, 11 of which will provide childcare services and seven (7) that are funding agencies.


23. How will families receive important communications from the school and District?

Communications will be delivered in the form of web pages, downloadable PDFs, BECON programming (eLearning Show), video updates, emails, robocalls, text messages, the BCPS mobile app, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). Frequently, communications will be disseminated directly through a student’s school.



This comprehensive FAQ guide was compiled by Christopher Machado – teacher and School Advisory  Council  (SAC)  Chair  at  Monarch  High  School  –  in  conjunction  with  the  school’s administration and guidance from the Broward County Public Schools 2020-21 Reopening Plans posted on the District’s website. For any questions related to this document, you may contact Mr. Machado via e-mail: or you may contact the school directly via phone: (754) 322-1400.