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Testing Sign Out Form!

The district has provided an approved pre-authorization sign-out form (below). When completed by a parent or guardian, the students will be authorized to leave campus after testing and report virtually to their regularly scheduled classes. 
With a copy of a driver's license attached, the completed form can be dropped off at the main office or emailed to 
All testing days are regular school days. The expectation is that students report to their regularly scheduled classes after testing. We would love to have our students attend their classes here on campus. However, we understand if you would like your child to attend their classes virtually from home.
If you would like your child released after testing, we must have a pre-authorization sign-out form on file for each test they are scheduled to take. Please submit a completed form with a copy of your driver’s license. If this form is not submitted 48 hours before your child’s next testing date and each testing date thereafter, you will need to follow normal sign-out procedures and come in person to sign them out. This form only authorizes your child to leave campus after the test you indicate on each form you submit. This form does not authorize release for any other day.