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PHS Open House period announcements

PHS Open House Announcement 9/11/18


1st Period

Good Evening and thank you for coming out for our Open House.  We are in the business of preparing students for a successful future.  We stress the importance of punctuality.  The School Day begins promptly at 7:40 am.  Students arriving after the late bell are considered late to school.  In order for a tardy to be excused, the parent or guardian must personally sign the student in the Welcome Center.  Parent phone calls cannot excuse a tardy and a detention will be issued to the student. 

Only the persons listed on the Emergency Contact Card are allowed to sign a student in or out.  The person must have proper ID to sign a student in or out of school. 

2nd Period

To receive daily reports on your student’s progress at school, sign up for email notifications through Pinnacle using Single Sign On or Download the Free Broward Schools App to get all the information you need regarding your student.

The District Dress Code policy is enforced at PHS.  If in doubt, don’t wear it.  Just remember to “Dress for Success”!

3rd Period

There are 2 lunches at PHS, A or B lunch.  Lunch is based on students’ 3rd and 7th period classes.  Students with A lunch will report to a lunch immediately following 2nd and 6th periods.   Students with B lunch go directly to period 3 or period 7 and will attend lunch after that class.

All students need a lunch # to receive lunch in the cafeteria.  If your student is already receiving the benefits of the meal program, you must renew your application on an annual basis.  For new applications apply online @  During the lunch period students are permitted in the courtyard and inside the cafeteria. 

No outside food deliveries are permitted.  Failure to comply could lead to disciplinary action for the student who orders outside food.

4th Period

Every student is assigned a study hall in their class schedule.  This time is for studying, reading and/or working on any academic project. Students are held accountable for attendance and behavior during study hall class.  They should come to class prepare to spend their time wisely! This is a great opportunity to keep up, catch up, or enrich their studies during the school day. 

5th Period

September 28 and 29 are picture days at PHS!  All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students need to take their yearbook picture in order to receive an updated school ID. 

School IDs are required to be worn at all times.  Please make sure your student has their ID on them whenever they are in school or at school related events.  

2018 Yearbooks are on sale tonight for a special cash only $50 price!  You can purchase the yearbook in the cafeteria at the conclusion of our open house program.  

6th Period

Thinking about post-secondary education planning for your child?  Contact the BRACE office for information on college applications and scholarship opportunities. 

We would like to invite all parents and community members to our monthly stakeholder meetings that are held the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the PHS Media Center.  The next SAC/SAF/PTSO meeting will be held on October 2nd.  We hope to see you all there.  Our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) has a table set up in the cafeteria.  Stop by at the conclusion of Open House to become a member and find out how you can support your student through the PTSO.

7th Period

We are happy to host a YMCA after-school program here at PHS.  This extended learning opportunity is open for all students.  The program runs Monday-Thursday starting right after school and ends at 5PM.  Supper and transportation are provided at no cost.  Program components include Art, Music, Academic Enrichment, and Fitness as well as credit recovery and homework help.  Stop by the YMCA table in the cafeteria at the end of our open house program to speak with a representative and pick up more information. 

8th Period

The school day ends at 2:40 pm. all students are required to leave campus ASAP, no student should be on campus after 3:10 pm if they are not participating in a school sponsored club or activity.  Only students involved in school sponsored activities should remain on the campus, with their coach/sponsor past 3:10 pm.  No Exceptions!

End of Period 8

Thanks for coming tonight.  Remember the school day begins promptly at 7:40 am, students should be here by 7:30 am so they won’t be late.  Please stop by the cafeteria to buy a yearbook, join PTSO, or speak to representative from the YMCA. We look forward to another exciting year here at PHS where “We Are Family”!