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Laptops and Technical Support - info inside!

Common technical issues and their solutions:

1) I don't have access to a computer at home and need a laptop from the school.

-The Parent or Guardian can call the school at 754-322-1850 between 7:40am and 3:10pm to schedule an appointment to pick up a laptop.
-At the time of the appointment come to the outside door of the Media Center (drive past the front entrance of the school to the end of the sidewalk) and call the phone number you see on the door to let us know you're here.
-The Parent or Guardian must be present to sign out the laptop unless the student is 18.


2) How to figure out which class to attend at what time:

-Download our School Calendar (right-click the link and Save Target As).  This will show you whether a day is "A" (periods 1-4) or "B" (periods 5-8) and includes the "bell schedule" with the times for each period.
-Log into Clever ( and then click Pinnacle to check your course schedule.  This will show you which class you have during which period.


3) How to attend online classes

-Log into Clever ( and then click "Teams" - you can then close that tab once it logs you in.
-Open Canvas from Clever and click "courses" on the left.  Find and click on the course you're supposed to attend at the current time.
-Look for a link to the "Live Teams Meeting" - it may be named slightly differently by each teacher.  If it's not on the main page, check the "announcement" section on the left side of the screen.
-(Optional) We recommend creating a word document so that you can paste the link for each class all into one document so you don't have to hunt through Canvas for it each period of each day.
-When you click the link it will open a page with 3 options.  We recommend using the desktop app but if you can't or don't want to install it you may click the middle option to join it in the browser.
-Choose your mic/camera options (please mute the mic before joining an active class session to prevent feedback and interruptions) and click "Join"


4) I tried to join a class and it just says that someone will let me in, or the meeting will start soon, but nothing else ever happens

-Double-check that you are attending the correct class at the correct time.  For example, if you're trying to join 1st period on a "B" day (periods 5-8) then your 1st period meeting will never start as the teacher is currently teaching their 5th period class.


5) The teacher cannot hear me when I try to speak

-Double-check that you are un-muted in your Teams settings.  You will see icons for the camera and microphone, if they have a slash through them then they're disabled.  Click the icon to enable the microphone and try again.


If your issue is not listed above, please call 754-322-1850 between 7:40am and 3:10pm on school days to request technical support.