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Photo Submissions for Student IDs

If you are going to be learning on campus we need your photograph so that we can print an ID for you upon your physical return to school.  

Requirements for the photo submission:

  • Forward facing the camera.
  • Must be a Head-shot photo from the shoulders up.
  • Standing in front of a solid-colored wall.
  • Photos taken by other people (non selfie-like).

Photos will be rejected that contain any of the following:

  • Hats, funny faces, or gestures.
  • Multiple people other than the student.
  • Poor quality/blurry.
  • Selfies/Snapchat/Filtered/Face-filtered photos.

In order to submit a photo, you must be logged in as a student. Log into SSO through Clever (the same way students log in to get to classes), then click “Office365” to complete the logon.

Once logged in, click here to submit the photo