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2020-2021 Final Exams Exemptions


2020-2021 Final Exams 

Click to access the Online Exemption Form here:

Seniors: Exemption Forms accepted 05/14 - 05/20

9-11th Grade: Exemption Forms accepted 05/21 - 05/28 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Which classes can a student exempt? 

As per School Board Policy 6000.1, a student may be exempt from the midterm and/or final exams in a high school course under the following criteria:  

(1) The student earns a grade of “B” or better in all marking periods of the respective high school course during the semester of the exemption.  

(2) The student may waive eligible midterms or final exams for up to one-half all high school or higher-level courses on the student’s regular school day schedule, (up to 3 classes)  

(3) AP/IB/AICE midterms cannot be exempted; however, the student may exempt the final exam.  

(4) Dual enrollment midterm and final exams may not be exempted.  

(5) The statewide, standardized EOC assessments, required by statute, are not eligible for exemption; however, the student may exempt the midterm exam.  

(6) Midterm and/or final exams cannot be retroactively exempted once the student takes the exam. 

How and when will students submit their exam exemption requests? 

Due to eLearning, students will access Exam Exemption forms through the link below using Microsoft Forms. The link will be available through Canvas in the student’s Language Arts class and will also be on our website. Seniors will need to submit the form before 05/20/21 at 3:00pm. 9-11th grade students will be able to complete the form from 05/21/21 to  05/28/21 at 3:00pm. 


What will the exemption process be for students? 

The student will open the form from our website or from their Canvas Language Arts class, then follow these steps: 

1.) Select up to 3 classes that are eligible for exemption ("B" or higher in both quarters). 

2.) Obtain a parent signature on the form (Parent must type their name to digitally sign). 

4.) Complete this exam exemption request form by the deadline. Late submissions are not accepted. 

5.) Verify with each teacher (or in Pinnacle) before the day of the test that they are still approved to exempt the exam and that the grade for the current quarter has not fallen below a “B”.  

REMINDER: If your grade does fall below a “B” in any quarter, you must take the exam. You would no longer be able to exempt the exam. 

*Only ONE Exam Exemption Form can be turned in.* If the form is submitted again, ONLY the latest one will count. 

What will the final grade be if an exemption is granted? 

The final grade will depend on what the student earned in the first and second quarters. See the chart below. 

Final Exam exemption chart